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Do you need professional property photographs for your shoot house or venue?

We are experts in the hire of filming and photo shoot locations. If you need a photo portfolio for your location house or venue, then you have come to the right place. Book a location photographer today, in London and the surround counties, for fast, reliable, and highly professional photos. 

Just like when selling a house or renting out a holiday home, the photos that you use to present your property to the world are key in making that sale, so it is vital that you have the best images possible.  

When a production is on the hunt for their next shoot location, they will scroll through thousands of photos, so to catch their eye we need to make the key features of your property stand out. 

It is important that images are nice and light, well framed and we have a great selection of angles of each room, along with the front and back exterior. Depending on the size of the property we generally recommend approx. 30-60 edited images. 

Don’t get caught out by other photographers that only provide you with 10 edited images for their base rate. There are no limits with our service. To keep it simple, our team will take as many photos as we feel are necessary to best capture and showcase your property. 

At Locations Direct we know exactly what images work best for selling your home or venue to the thousands of productions shooting in the UK each week. 

As an example, we had a great house on our books, but their photos were taken on the homeowners iPhone and just didn’t do the property the justice. For a whole year they didn’t receive a single enquiry, as everyone just skipped past them. However, as soon as they agreed to book one of our photographers, they received a 3-day booking that very same week.  

If you would like to increase your odds and secure those lucrative bookings, let us know and we can arrange for one of our highly skilled, professional photographers to shoot your house and get you setup on our website. 

Prices for this can range from £100-£500 (ex VAT). 

London Houses:

If you live in London and would like some professional photos to appear on your profile on our website. We can get you booked in for as little as £150-£250 (ex VAT). 

London Venues:

If you would like some great new photos of your venue to best show your space. We can get these booked in for approx £200-£300 (ex VAT)

Do you live within 1.5 hours of London? 

Depending on the size of your property and exact area we can get you booked in for as little as £300-£400 (ex VAT).

If you live over 1.5 hours from London? 

Please get in contact with us to discuss costs in more detail. Worked on on a case by case basis. 

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