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It might not come as a surprise, but the most frequently requested and hired location, out of all locations, would be a house. If you think about it, I am sure you can’t think of many films, TV shows, photos shoots or commercials that don’t feature some kind or residential property at some point or other. This could be for a character’s home or even just used as creative, visual back ground for something. 


There are many different types and styles of houses you can book for filming and photo shoots, click the links to explore different options: 


Aspirational & Renovated House 

Apartments & Flats 

Colourful Houses

Dated 60’s-90’s style houses 

Detached Houses

Derelict Houses

Grand Designs 

Large Houses 

Modern Houses


Photo Shoot Houses

Suburban Houses


Terraced Houses

Traditional Houses

Everyday House 

Open Plan House

Period Interiors

Quirky Houses

Semi-Detached Houses

Unique Properties 


When hiring a house as filming locations there are a few key points to think about. The size, accessibility, permission to shoot there, the style, protection for the property against damages, insurance, and the cost. 


Looking for a house to rent for your next photo shoot?

Locations Direct has a great mix of grand, textured, modern, quirky, unique, retro and colourful houses that look great and can be rented for your next shoot. We have broken these down in to a few useful, easy to browse categories on our location library's website to help speed up yours search. Locations Direct is a London based Location Agency, so most of our properties are in London, however we do also have a great mix of houses in other parts of the UK too. You can see more information on how to find your next location via the link below. 

 How to Find a Photoshoot or Filming Locations


Want to rent your house out as a filming or photo shoot location?

Locations Direct is always on the lookout for interesting new spaces to register. If you want to earn some money on the side and hire your house out for a photo shoot or film shoot, then have a look at the links below for more info. 


How to Rent Your House for Filming


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