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Do you know the mean city streets?

The truth is the same in every metropolis: There's a hidden world beneath the surface that you can't see or touch. Every event planner wants to make a splash.

You want to find the perfect location for their next big event. But there's one problem:

Finding it.

London's event hire ecosystem is a complex web of suppliers, creatives, and competition. Yet with the right network, you can find the perfect venue.

Keep reading if you want to get a look behind the curtain.

The Event Hire Landscape in London

London is still one of the financial epicenters of the world, even in spite of Brexit. The megacity is home to more than 8 million people and it carries the weight of the U.K. economy on its back.

And London's event hire landscape is every bit as diverse and multifaceted as the city and its denizens.

From historic halls to contemporary galleries; secret gardens to panoramic rooftops: The sheer number of opportunities and options available is overwhelming even to seasoned production studios. And yet...

Therein lies the beauty of London's event spaces.

There's a perfect event venue for every occasion lurking somewhere in the vast metropolis. The right venue can become an extension of your message and your brand:

You only need to find it.

Diversity, Diversity, Diversity

London is a city with a rich history etched into its soul.

It's a place of esoteric architecture juxtaposed with modish, neo-modern lofts and skylines. Some events demand the regal charm of a Victorian ballroom, others the industrial chic of a one-time warehouse converted into a modern space-for-hire.

For those artisans seeking the unconventional, the well-connected event company is a maestro of the process. Event companies work tirelessly to transport their clients to other worlds. They're passionate about finding the perfect photoshoot locations and event venues.

Theirs is a secret world lurking just behind the veil of seemingly inconspicuous storefronts and facades. Much of hides from prying eyes, unavailable to the general public. Partnerships with property managers provide exclusive access to in-demand locations and rich databases of desirable locations provide you with a tantalizing array of possibilities.

So, on to the big question: How do they find their next killer event venue?

Behind the Curtain: How Event Locations Get Scouted

Scouting locations is an art form itself.

You need to find the location, but that's the easy part. Knowing when a place has that "special something" takes a keen eye and good intuition. It's not just about finding a space; it's about discovering a venue that speaks to the heart of the event.

The process often begins with a story and a mood.

Professional scouts uncover hidden treasures that the public will inevitably overlook. They do so by collaborating with property owners, other agencies, and venue managers to gain deeper insights and access to exclusive venues.

They ask critical questions to find out everything they can about a venue before it's time to host an event. Capacities, technical specifications, and accessibility are all crucial for seamless event planning.

Naturally, a catalog of high-quality photographs and virtual walkthroughs is paramount. Much of the time, this involves old-fashioned legwork: You can only find out so much about a place online.

Practicality is as much of a concern as aesthetic appeal. Spaces have to be accessible and able to accommodate the technical requirements an event demands. The flow of guests requires careful planning - particularly for large-scale events with hundreds or even thousands of people attending.

It's Not What You Know: Networks and Partnerships

The network is everything to the event venue company.

It's how they hear about up-and-coming locations before everybody else, and it's how they lock in last-minute deals when there's nowhere else to go. London's venue hire scene thrives on collaboration - suppliers, vendors, venues, and planners form alliances that benefit everybody involved.

Venues work closely with event companies to understand their capabilities, while suppliers negotiate and innovate to meet the demands of complex briefs.

Yet, networks extend beyond professional partnerships between high-end businesses.

Some of them are forged in the trenches with handshake deals: As you know, some of the best photoshoot locations and filming sets aren't arcane buildings and giant warehouses, but quaint living rooms and apartments; single-family rooms and uptown condos.

Ultimately, the success of an event can hinge on the support and involvement of local networks and small-timers as much as it can on large conglomerates.

The Initial Meet

The first date between client and venue: Initial scouting meets are pivotal moments.

This is where the client meets with a venue host face-to-face to discuss visions, hopes, and non-negotiables. During this meeting, you'll have the chance to take a stroll through a venue to take in its atmosphere, architecture, and potential. Questions and banter flow freely.

On your end of things, you need to assess the space's adaptability to your needs, making inquiries like:

  • Will the natural lighting supplement the ambiance?
  • What catering options exist?
  • Do the acoustics support your audio requirements?
  • Does the venue accommodate your tech needs?
  • How accessible is the venue for guests with impairments?
  • What does the booking process look like?

This is also a time to discuss intangible elements.

Venue hosts will often consider the stories you wish to tell and the memories and impacts you wish to create. They'll offer insights and creative solutions that help you turn your dream into a blueprint.

Some may offer up contacts and favored suppliers to help you get the ball rolling.

Selecting a Venue

Coming to a decision isn't easy.

Choosing a venue is a balancing act where desires collide with realities and budgets. To hone in and make a decision, you should consult with your event venue company and ensure everybody's happy with the arrangement:

  • Does the venue's character align with your brand?
  • Can the venue be transformed to meet your needs?

Then the real work begins. Dates are locked in, contracts negotiated, and the event company becomes your ally and your advocate for the journey ahead.

Tailoring Experiences to Your Needs

Most people think of giant, corporate events when it comes to event planning. Dozens of service staff, hundreds of guests, and at least one expensive, celebrity keynote speaker to hold attention.

But event hire is just as much about the little guy: Weddings, private photoshoots, indie film productions, and private parties need somewhere special.

That's why event venue companies tailor every experience to the needs of their clients. The best of them are one-stop solutions that streamline the booking process and offer deep insights into the types of locations and experiences you're on the lookout for.

Shooting in the Golden Hour

Every professional photographer is acutely familiar with the ephemeral beauty of the golden hour - and the magic it imparts on photoshoots and photoshoot locations.

And, both indoors and outdoors, London offers a plethora of venues that take on a life of their own at the right time. When given the chance to work together with experienced event planners, photographers can plan ahead for events and ensure that weather forecasts are promising and the perfect shots are aligned.

Working With Film Crews

Whether it's indie or the big screen, film crews always have a need for new event locations. And in a city that never sleeps, coordinating venues is a big ask:

It's not easy to block off an area for a film shoot.

As you might have guessed, though, that's where an event venue company can pick up the slack. From audio fidelity to electrical requirements to keeping the general public out-of-frame, venue hire for film poses unique challenges where the needs of production collide with the realities of filming in a bustling city.

Event companies must be adept at managing these dual aspects, delivering on both fronts.

The challenge for indie filmmakers is usually one of budgets and resources. Indies have to make everything go further and compromise where they can't. Yet, when working with the right event company, even a microscopic budget can yield big rewards.

It's all in the elbow grease.

Hosted Events for Production Companies

Wrap parties, networking events, film premieres: Production companies seek out London's event venues for big, hosted occasions.

For these occasions, the event venue company works to create an atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the thing being celebrated. This might involve thematic decor, interactive installations, or immersive experiences that transport guests into the world of the movie.

Plan Your Next Big Event

London's event hire scene is a jewel of dynamism and creativity.

Whether it's a grand gala or an intimate gathering, the city is vibrant, multifaceted, and always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

You just need to know where to look.

Locations Direct is a leading, London-based location agency with an ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of London's bustling event hire scene. Our user-friendly platform helps clients like you find their next big venue no matter the requirements. Click here to shoot us a line.


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