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Locations Direct is a leading location agency specialising in the hire of filming and photography locations. 

As a location agency we pride ourselves in having a wide and diverse range of properties on our books from houses to industrial warehouses to libraries and galleries. However, as an agency we tend to specialise in residential filming locations and have a huge database of shoot house of all sizes and styles, from grand design style mansions to a comprehensive selection of everyday family style houses that can be used for TV dramas, Feature Films, Commercials and Stills Shoots. We are continuously working hard to find new and exciting locations to share with you.

By using our services, you can guarantee the highest level of professionalism from start to finish. We will liaise with the location for you to set up all your recces and ensure that everything has been planned properly for your shoot day. We will also draw up the hire agreement for the booking and handle the payment side of things. For our time working on your enquiry/booking we charge a £250 (+VAT) booking fee. This payment is only charged once a booking is confirmed and invoiced at the same time as the locations hire fee. 

If you have a location brief for an up-and-coming shoot, please send it our way and we can search through our database for any suitable suggestions for you. We can also offer scouting and management services where we can research, scout, and manage the location side of your shoot from start to finish. 

Whatever you need, Locations Direct is here for you! 


24th May






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