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There are many different types of filming locations in London, all of which range massively on price, because of this it can make budgeting for a shoot very difficult. 

 If you every have any questions or need advice on how much you should budget for a specific style of location, the team at Location Direct are always more than happy to give you the guidance needed free of charge.

Filming & Photography Location Rates in London

The average rate for a shoot house in London would be around £1,500-£2,000 plus a booking fee (+VAT) for a 12hr day. However, this will vary depending on the type of house, the type of shoot and the size of your crew. 

Some larger houses that are set up as regular filming locations may expect a higher fee ranging between £2,000-£3,000 for a 12hr day. 

You may also be able to get a lower rate for some houses if your production has a smaller crew size. For example, if you had a crew size between 10-20 some houses might consider a hire fee of £1,200 plus booking fee (+VAT). And if you had a low impact/low budget shoot with a crew size between 1-10 people, you may even be able to negotiate a hire fee of around £1,000 plus a library fee (+VAT) or lower.

Prep & strike days 

They are usually 8hrs long and are billed at a half rate (of the shoot days rate).

Other Locations

Other types of locations can vary quite drastically in price, so always best to check early. 


Halls £1000-£6000

Studios - £500-£4000

Hospitality £800-£6000

Library Fee / Booking Fee

When booking a location through a Location Agency / Library you will need to pay a booking fee. Depending on the type of shoot or the location Website / Agency you are using this amount will generally range between £150 (for small still shoot or low budget shoot) to £500 (large feature or complex commercials). 

At Locations Direct we generally charge a booking fee of £250 + VAT, but can drop this to £150 for quick same day bookings or low budget shoots. 

Damage Deposit

The standard damage deposit on a bookings is £1,000. This will be held until after the shoot and returned once the all clear has been given. Damages and Over Time will be subtracted from this amount if required. 

Cheap Filming Locations

If you have a low budget shoot and are looking for some more affordable locations, our advice would be to try and stick to public highways as much as possible. This is because you will only need to pay for the local film office’s admin fee to approve your filming permits. This may vary though depending on if you need to use any large equipment. You can also try to work within the rule of 5 wherever possible. This rule allows you to film on certain public highways free of charge if you are only using handheld equipment and no more than 5 crew. We would always advise speaking to your local film office first to let them know exactly what you are planning to do, this will ensure you are always sticking to the guidelines. Need more info?

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