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Locations Direct is a Leading London based Location Library, here for all your location needs. 

How can a Location Library help your Shoot? 

A Location Library, aka Location Database, aka Location Agency is an online searchable database of properties and places that can be hired for filming or photography shoots, usually organised and searchable by reference numbers, keywords, image tags and area.

A location library can offer a mix of services, including contracts, hire agreements, research, management and location scouting services. 

If a production company requires a location with a certain look or in a particular area that is not included on the library, then the library can provide a location scout who will head out and find new options for the production that are within the shoots budget.

A location library generally has a large variety of location types including commercial properties as well as residential properties. However, some location libraries have a much more specific type of location on their books that are catered more towards certain types of shoots or styles.

Not only can a location library help find the location you need for your shoot, but they can also help with permits for parking and filming.

Location libraries are not just a resource for TV and film, they are also a database of photogenic location houses, apartments, industrial and event spaces for editorial publications, stills advertising photo shoots and PR shots for brands and celebrities.

Property owners can register their properties with a location library online, so that they can also be considered for commercial hire. A property will need to have their own professionally taken photos to submit to the library or the location library will need to agree to visit the location to take photos of their own. 

Location owners are paid for the use of their property, budgets will vary though. 

Locations Direct is a leading Location Library in London with an extensive database of filming and photography Locations in and around London. We work as an agent for the locations on our searchable database and will provide advice and guidance through the booking process to all involved. 

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