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There are many different styles of photoshoots and many different types of locations that you might book for a photo shoot, we have focused this article on Fashion and Lifestyle shoot locations to give you some inspiration for your creativity.



An Introduction to Fashion and Lifestyle Locations 


Fashion and lifestyle photoshoots encompass a range of styles and locations, each with its own unique aesthetic and purpose. Fashion shoots often take place in glamorous settings such as studios, city streets, or luxurious indoor and outdoor locations. These shoots emphasize high-fashion looks, bold poses, and innovative styling. On the other hand, lifestyle shoots capture a more relatable and everyday atmosphere, often set in natural surroundings like parks, beaches, or urban neighborhoods. They focus on portraying authentic moments, casual interactions, and a sense of storytelling that resonates with the target audience. Both styles offer diverse opportunities for creativity, enabling photographers to create visually compelling images that reflect the essence of fashion and lifestyle brands. 


 Shoot House

Location 1771 - Victorian townhouse built in 1846


Fashion Photography

Fashion photography blends art, style, and storytelling, showcasing clothing, accessories, and beauty in captivating ways. Skilled fashion photographers have an eye for composition, lighting, and capturing the essence of a brand or designer's vision. These photoshoots often take place in unique locations, studios, or even on the streets, aiming to create visually striking images that resonate with the audience.

Fashion shoot locations

Fashion photoshoots are generally a bit more stylised than something like a Product or Lifestyle shoot. There are two main location groups for fashion photography, Studio Shoots and ‘on Location’ shoots. A Studio shoot is often used when the model is the primary focus of the images or a controlled environment is required. An ‘on Location’ shoot would be any other indoors or outdoors location that has been specifically booked in for that shoot. This is often used when the location itself helps set the tone for the image and compliments the creative styling and theme.

At Locations Direct we specialise in all things locations and love trying to match up your creative visons with real places, bringing your visions to life.  

Pink Shoot Houses

Location 1775 - beautiful, colourful, shoot house


Some great fashion photography locations could be: 


Derelict Locations 

Colourful Locations 

Modern Locations 

Retro Locations 

Period Locations 

Industrial Locations 


Lifestyle Photography 

A lifestyle shoot is a genre of photography that aims to capture authentic moments, emotions and portray a specific lifestyle or everyday activities of individuals or groups. It is often used in commercial and editorial contexts to showcase a particular way of living or to promote products or services that align with a desired lifestyle. This is generally used creatively to help you relate to what you are seeing within the image.


Lifestyle Photoshoot Locations

Lifestyle shoots typically take place in environments that are relevant to the desired lifestyle being portrayed. This can range from outdoor locations like parks, beaches, or urban landscapes, to indoor settings such as homes, cafes, or workplaces. The choice of location plays a significant role in creating the desired atmosphere and adding context to the lifestyle being depicted.


Location 1532 - 1950s terraced family house


A few location types used for this style of shoot could be: 


Family Homes

Aspirational House Locations 

Everyday Houses

Modern Kitchen Locations 

Spacious Kitchen Locations 

Photoshoot Houses 

Open Plan Locations 

Stylish House Locations 

Modern House Locations 

Park Locations


Hospitality Locations 

Sport & Recreation Locations 

What are the key difference between a Fashion & Lifestyle shoot?

The key difference between a lifestyle shoot and a fashion shoot lies in their core focus and purpose. Fashion shoots typically feature models, focusing on poses, styling, and visual elements that enhance the fashion being showcased. While a lifestyle shoot captures genuine moments and reflects a particular way of living, a fashion shoot is primarily dedicated to showcasing fashion items and creating visually striking images.

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