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Photography Locations

There are many different styles of photo shoots and many different types of locations that you might book for a photoshoot, here are just a couple. 

Fashion Shoot Locations 

Fashion photo shoots are generally a bit more stylised than something like a Product or Lifestyle shoot. There are two main location groups for fashion photography, Studio Shoots and ‘on Location’ shoots. A Studio Shoot is often used when the model is the primary focus of the images, and a controlled environment is required. An ‘on Location’ shoot would be any other indoors or outdoors location that has been specifically booked in for that shoot. This is often used then the location itself helps set the tone for the image and compliments the creative styling and theme. At Locations Direct we specialise in all things locations and love trying to match up your creative visons with real places, bringing your visions to life. 


Some great fashion photography locations could be:


Derelict Locations 

Colourful Locations 

Modern Locations 

Retro Locations 

Period Locations 

Industrial Locations 


Lifestyle Photo Shoot Locations 

A lifestyle shoot is a shoot that tries to capture everyday emotions and activities within their images. This is generally used creatively to help you relate to what you are seeing within the image. A few location types used for this style of shoot could be: 

Family Homes

Aspirational House Locations 

Everyday Houses

Modern Kitchen Locations 

Spacious Kitchen Locations 

Photoshoot Houses 

Open Plan Locations 

Stylish House Locations 

Modern House Locations 



Hospitality Locations 

Sport & Recreation Locations 

Location Inspiration 

We have created two folders with a varied mix of indoor and outdoor locations, that we feel would look great in a photo shoot. We hope these help give you some inspiration. 

Outside Photo Shoot Locations 

Inside Photo Shoot Locations 

Contact Us

If you would like some more suggestions or help finding a suitable location for your next photo shoot, please contact us at hello@locationsdirect.co


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