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Are you searching for the perfect photo studio hire in London for your next photographic adventure? Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiast looking to advance your skills, you want to get the most out of your studio time.

The busy studio hire London photography scene means you're spoilt for choice, so it can be an exciting, yet time-consuming task to find a location that fits your needs. This guide offers essential tips you can use to locate a London studio and prepare for your photo shoot to ensure you will have everything you need for a successful session.

Choosing the Right Studio

Finding the right studios for hire is the first step towards a productive photoshoot and padding your portfolio with eye-catching images. As you browse through your options, keep the following tips in mind. 


No matter if you are searching for studios in the bustling heart of Central London or the vibrant, diverse cultural influences of East London, the location is a key factor. 

Your studio should be easily accessible to your team and ideally located near tube stations for public transport convenience. A safe and secure area should be a priority, and bonus points for studios with convenient parking. With so many photography studios in London of different types, it's important to find one that's well-situated for your needs.

Studio Size and Amenities

Photo studios vary in size and amenities. Determine what type of equipment you'll be bringing and how many people will be part of your shoot to gauge the necessary space. A spacious studio with high ceilings or a green screen can provide lots of opportunities to experiment with different photo and video setups. 

Look for studios fully equipped with lighting equipment like softboxes and tripods, backdrops for varying aesthetics, and props that help to bring your vision to life. Practical amenities, like a changing area for models, a kitchen area for snacks, and restroom facilities are also crucial for a smooth shoot.

Preparing for the Shoot

Knowing what type of photo shoot you want to do will help you properly prepare for the day. The following ideas will help you pack your kit so you'll have everything you need to focus on the creative direction you want to take. 

Concept and Theme

A successful photo session begins with a well-defined concept and theme. Are you planning a fashion photography shoot or a product photography session? Defining your goal will guide your decisions throughout the process. Prepare a mood board or a shot list to help visualize your ideas so everyone knows the goal you are working toward. 

Equipment and Props

Once your theme is set, make a list of the equipment and props you'll need. Studios in London will often include basic photo equipment in the hire fee or at an additional cost, but make sure to check. If there's a specific type of equipment or unique props you need to make your photo pop, you may need to bring your own.

Model and Talent

Working with models or talents? Ensure you book them well in advance and communicate the concept, theme, and any specific instructions. Preparation is key to ensuring everyone involved gives their best performance.

During the Shoot

Lighting and Set-Up

Even if you are fairly new to the photography scene, you already know that lighting can make or break a photo shoot. Take the time to set up your lighting equipment and experiment with different angles and intensities before the models step in. A studio with good natural light is a bonus, but also having softboxes and other lighting equipment can give you the best chance of taking stunning photos. Don’t forget to adjust the lighting as needed during the shoot to get the best results.

Communication and Direction

During the shoot, clear communication is vital. When you are working with professional models or new talents, clear directions ensure you get the shots you need. Feedback is crucial for improvement, so don't hesitate to provide it. Remember, it's a team effort and everyone's working towards creating the best work possible.

After the Shoot

Editing and Post-Production

Once the shoot is over, the magic continues in post-production. This is when you’ll refine your shots, adjusting the light and colour, and perhaps retouching some elements.

This step can dramatically enhance the final result, turning a good photo into an amazing one. Your London photo studio hire experience doesn't end when you pack up your gear; remember to account for this essential step in your project timeline.

Studio Clean-up

Leave the studio in the same condition as when you arrived. This is not only a mark of professionalism but is often a requirement in studio hire agreements. Clean up the area, return any equipment or props to their proper places, and ensure the studio is ready for the next photo shoot.


The photography studio hire scene in London is a hub of creativity and photographic exploration. 

Whether you're looking for an affordable photo studio in Hackney, a professional photography studio in Central London, or a unique studio space with original features like exposed brick walls on the lower ground floor, your best chance for a successful photo shoot is planning and preparation. Use these essential tips for your studio hire in London to make your next photo shoot a success.

Remember, your perfect photo studio will give you the space, amenities, and inspiration you need to create the best work possible. Don't waste time browsing randomly online. We already have some of the best photography spaces for hire in our extensive catalogue. Visit Locations Direct and let us make your search for different types of photo studios a lot more straightforward. 




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