You must send in an application for all filming and photography requests in Tower Hamlets - it will help us help you - sending in an application is free.

We do not charge small crews (5 people or under) for filming or photography on the street, when only using a camera, tripod and hand-held equipment only. 

A guide to charges is listed below, so that you may budget accordingly. Location Fees are applicable for filming in Parks, Markets, Estates, Libraries and any council land (not public highway) and property. Location Fees will increase/decrease depending on requirements and impact.

Location Fees (daily charge)

A guide for Production Companies / Filmmakers - VAT applicable as standard

A Rate = Features/Commercials - £3,000 - £5,000

B Rate = TV Drama/Music Video - £1,500 - £3,000

C Rate = Small Scale:  Stills/Docs/Other - Starts from £100 per hour (cast & crew under 10)

These are day rates based on 10 hours filming - 1 hour prep/strike either side.

Prep/strike days are charged at 50% of the agreed filming day fee.

Reductions available for student, community groups and charities based or living in the borough.

Fees increase / decrease in correlation to impact / requirements to be representative of what is taking place.

Street Filming Admin Fee (daily charge)

When production film on street(s) a street filming admin fee is charged:

o  Extra Small Crew (1 - 5) - FREE

o  Small Crew (6 - 15) - £100 + VAT

o  Medium Crew (16 - 50) - £150 + VAT

o  Large Crew (50+) - £200 + VAT

(Charity/Student discounted rate: £25 + VAT)

Crew refers to all crew, cast, extras, agency personnel and third party personnel (e.g. security or traffic management operatives) related to the production on location.

Filming from a moving vehicle - an administration fee is charged - £100 + VAT

(When Police outriders necessary - not charged on simple low loader or tracking vehicle filming) 

Location Admin Fee (one off charge for Location Filming & Unit Basing)

When productions film at a Location a one off location admin fee is charged:

o  Extra Small & Small Crew (1 - 15) - £100 + VAT

o  Medium Crew (16 - 50) - £150 + VAT

o  Large Crew (50+) - £200 + VAT

 (Charity/Student discounted rate: £25 + VAT)

Equipment on Highway (daily charge)

For any film equipment on the public highway other than a camera and tripod, charges are applicable, depending on requirements. A guide to charges are:

Full Day - £400 + VAT

Half Day - £200 + VAT

Hourly Rate - £50 + VAT

Administration Fee (hourly charge)

o  Extra Small & Small Crew (1 - 15) - £100 + VAT

o  Medium Crew (16 - 50) - £150 + VAT

o  Large Crew (50+) - £200 + VAT

 Not charged on:

o  Enquiries

o  Advice

o  Anything that falls within the Local Authority's duty of care

Chargeable when:

o  A Film Officer is required to make arrangements for a production or be present on location

o  When a shoot is subject to specific requirements and a Film Officer has to attend the shoot e.g. on a night shoot, to ensure compliance

o  A Film Officer is called to the location to investigate a complaint and that complaint is found to be valid

o  There is a breach of a filming licence / Code of Practice and the Film Officer has to investigate

o  When the Film Officer has to clear up after a production e.g. by arranging a re-instatement, removing unit signs, clearing rubbish

o  Site Visits

Late Application Admin Fee

£100 + VAT Processing late applications (under 24 hrs notice given)

Traffic Management Fees (Subject to approval):

£400 + VAT (daily charge per Traffic Management Plan)

Road Closure Fees (Subject to approval)

Tower Hamlets

A road closure for under 24 hours (Notice): £1,027.20 (per street)

A road closure for over 24 Hours (Order): £1,914 (per street)

Weekend additional daily charge: £246

Cancellation Charges

Cancellation of parking applications will be subject to cancellation fees - amount dependent on time frame.

If a shoot is cancelled it will be subject to cancellation fees for any work already carried out.

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