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Our location agency has one of the best selections of photo shoot locations that are available to book in London today. Ranging from quirky, stylish, retro, period, rustic, derelict and modern. Whatever it is you are looking for, it is very likely we have it!

 What is it that makes a great photo shoot location? 

There are several key factors that make a location fantastic for photo shoots, here are a few. 

  • Good light – big windows that fill a room with lots of natural light. 
  • Variety – a versatile space to give your images many different looks. This could be down to colours or architecture for example. 
  • Textures – like the above. If you have a space with a mix of textures like exposed brick, concrete, peeling paint for example, it will help give your images a nice richness.
  • Props – fill your location with a variety of props, interesting set dress and unique furniture. This will give the models and photographer lots of fun options to play with creatively.  
  • Size – it is important to have decent sized rooms. A bit of hight to the ceiling too could help with lighting setups. 

Here is a small selection of some great photo shoot location.  

Location 1003

Location 1003 versatile photoshoot location

Location 1126 

Location 1125 - retro Photo Shoot Locations

Location 0522 

Location 522 - Warehouse photo shoot location

Locations 1001 

Colourful Photos Shoot Location Pink

Location 1241 

Textured Photo Shoot Locations

Location 1210 

Retro Photo Shoot Locations

Location 1231 

Funk Photo Shoot Locations

Location 1268 

Period Photos Shoot Locations

Location 1246 

Derelict Photos Shoot Locations

Location 1310 

Period photo shoot locations

If you would like some more info on photo shoot locations please click here.


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