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As a leading location agency, Locations Direct represent an amazing selection of the very best filming and photoshoot locations in and around London.  Finding your next filming location could not be easier, with our simple to use search functions and dedicated agents. 

Film location agencies are websites dedicated to the supply and management of filming locations. These are generally setup in the form of a Location Library, which is a searchable online database of filming locations. Once a production has found a suitable location on the agencies website, they can ask the location’s agent to check the availability and rates for the selected location/s using specific details relating to that shoot. If the filming location is available and happy with the term of the shoot, the location agency will draw up the hire agreement, send invoices, check the production companies’ insurance is adequate and generally help facilitate the booking until it is complete. Location agencies receive commissions on successful bookings, as payment for their assistance during the process. 


If you would like to register to become a film location, please contact Locations Direct


You can view more information on renting your house out and becoming a filming location via the links below. 


How To Get Your House Used For Filming

Now You Have Registered As a Filming Location


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