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Locations Direct  is a London based Location Library specialising in the hire of filming and photography locations. 

Location Search - Use our powerful search engine. Search by categories, keywords or image tags. You can also filter down the results by typing in multiple search options. 

Discover new Locations  - Browse through our comprehensive database of locations. From council run urban streets to privately owned stately homes. Find locations that you would have never of seen before on any other library. 

Click to Buy - Quick & easy scouting. Pay for instant access to pre-scouted council run locations addresses and contact/booking details. Plus when applicable other handy info like rate cards, contracts and notes on parking.  

Build your own LibraryStore all of your past purchased locations in your very own personal easy to browse back library.

Build your own Job Folder - Create your own easy to view and easy to share job folders via our 'collections’ tab.  Receive client feedback directly through the site.

Scouting and Management  - Just drop us a line. We can take care of all of your location needs, at any stage of your production.


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